Two Thousand Seventeen!

Welcome 2017..

Looking back on 2016 it’s been a crazy year for sure, but also pretty fun.

I know i haven’t been posting as much as i was, but i promise this year I’m coming back in full swing with tons of new recipes,series,and so much more. So stayed tuned, i am fully devoted to making Chess Cooks more successful this year!

2016 has definitely been a roller coster ride, but you just have to take one day at a time and stay positive.

Here are some of my favorite shots  & recipes from 2016…

Boozy kombucha Cocktails

This caprese grilled chicken is the perfect summer meal..

Camping trip from the summer..

This amazing comfort soup coming soon to the blog!

My friends birthday in NYC!

 Here’s to an amazing 2017! with great things to come…

Peace out 2016!


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