Slow Cooker Chicken Meatball Soup

This slow cooker chicken meatball soup, (yes slow cooker!) is the perfect meal for winter, and not too mention getting over a cold fast.

the Flavors are so rich, and bold they will make your tastebuds go crazy.

This soup is also perfect as a weeknight meal prep, just add everything in your crock pot before you head to work, and keep on a low heat through out the day! and when you come home you won’t have to cook, you’ll love it!

Add a few kale or spinach leaves for extra protein, and some white beans.

Trust me it won’t disappoint…

Meatballs cooking! 😛

This is seriously so easy guys! you need to try!

lets jump into the ingredients here.

(for the meatballs)

A pound chicken meat, organic

sea salt and pepper to taste

1 cup bread crumbs mixed with 1/2 cup parmesan

dried herbs, such as basil, parsley,etc.

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon spicy dijon mustard

1 large egg, this helps hold the meatballs together.

(for the soup)

3-4 cups chicken broth or bone broth

a few more dried herbs

1 clove chopped garlic

half an onion, diced

chopped baby carrots

kale or spinach leaves which ever you prefer, both are great, i used kale!

1 can white beans, you can also use chickpeas if you like.

1-2 cups water

a drizzle of olive oil


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