Welcome! My Name is Chess, I'm a Recipe developer, as well as a passionate and talented cook, writer, food & wine enthusiast, green tea addict, dog mom,  health nut, and blogger behind Chess Cooks!

A little background: I'm Born and raised in New York!  Currently reside in New York, where i run Chess Cooks full time, and live with my tiny Yorkshire Terrier Chloe (She thinks she's human!).

My Story: I Have always loved cooking, & creating my own recipe's since i was a child.. So there's no surprise that i would have started this blog. It's my calling!  I love food, and i love to eat, i have a serious infatuation with food. Around 2010 i was in the hospital then rehab for anorexia nervosa, not something I'm proud of i was about 76 pounds when i first checked in, i wasn't eating much at all, and if i did i would eat half of an apple, and goldfish crackers. Then go to the gym and burn 2000 calories a day! i was sick, and did't realize it until i got help, and realized what the hell am i doing because i love food, and i love to cook, i always have. So when i got out still in 2010 i decided to make a major lifestyle change to achieve a healthier, and happier me. I still workout to stay fit,but i now follow a workout routine and eat as healthy as possible, i avoid soda and sugary drinks, i tend to lean more towards water with fresh lemon, and Green tea as my go to drinks, not only are they refreshing,but have amazing health benefits. I'm really not a big dessert person at all, never have been, so my idea of a dessert is fresh,cold fruit. I Can't help myself though sometimes i do include in the occasional chocolate chip cookie, oh & DARK CHOCOLATE for sure.

The Blog: I started Chess Cooks in September 2014  as a hobby, and since then is still developing into a full-time career. It's a way for me to document my love for food, & share my recipes, never knowing how far my food journey will take me, but I'm down for the ride. Most of my dishes i cook i create myself, anything that catches my eye, or i have a craving for! I'll normally find a lot of inspiration for my recipe's on instagram or in magazines.


"People who love to eat are always the best people." - Julia child